What is Meesho’s boundaryless workplace model, and how is it changing the conventional work method?

Over the past two years, how we work has changed dramatically. More than ever, there is an increase in demand for flexible jobs and a better work-life balance. Working from anywhere is a new idea that’s been making noise for a while now.

There was a need for change, and Meesho embraced it!

In February 2022, Meesho, India’s largest growing e-commerce company, adopted a Boundaryless Workplace Model. It means that its employees can work from anywhere of their choice.

Different people work differently. Some may be at their productive best in the office, at home, or while traveling. And Meesho’s boundaryless policy gives its employees the freedom to choose where they work. It also adapts new features to facilitate collaboration and teamwork among its employees. Such as:

  1. It plans to set up satellite offices in locations with a higher talent density. Employees who want to work from the office will be able to set up their workstations in satellite offices near them.
  2. Meesho also plans to organize quarterly trips to places like Goa, where team members can meet up and work together.
  3. Meesho will be sponsoring a daycare facility for children below six for working parents. This feature can be availed by the employees who’ll travel to the head office in Bangalore.

Meesho believes in supporting its employees first. Before adopting the work-from-anywhere policy, they introduced many other progressive policies which allow their employees to work seamlessly, like a 30-week gender-neutral parental leave policy, gender reassignment leave, or a 10-day reset and recharge policy.

Meesho is always making an effort for its employees to feel at home wherever they work from. Here ‘home’ is Meesho as a whole.

These unconventional work dynamics and people-centric approaches are a new dream for many in the workforce.

Before the pandemic, the idea of working boundaryless was not seeded in people’s minds. Many believed that working from anywhere but the office would affect a company’s overall productivity. Meesho is the first-of-its-kind company to embrace many progressive working methods. It truly invests in keeping its employees’ physical and mental states safe.

Working from anywhere allows people to perform effectively and creates opportunities for people that weren’t available before. With Meesho’s boundaryless workplace model, talented people from across India and other countries can join its effort to reimagine e-commerce. After all, we live in a time where boundaries do not limit opportunities.

Note: I wrote this blog a couple of months ago as an assignment. It’s old but I wanted to publish it anyway :)



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